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For helpers with little to no exposure to MI

Investment: 1 hour to one full day of training

This training aims to pique interest in learning more about MI.  Dr. Bethea-Walsh will expose the audience to MI with a review of key principles of MI and will offer a brief review MI methods.  The audience will receive a "taste" of an MI style.  The format includes didactic and experiential demonstrations of MI.  This training is not designed to teach the audience clinical skill using MI.

Investment: 16-24 hours of training

It is possible for audience members to develop an understanding of the underlying spirit and key principles of MI and to engage in multiple practice exercises to develop knowledge about the basic use of MI methods.  Audience members can practice identifying MI methods in the trainers' real plays with audience members and in videotaped sessions. This training is not designed to develop audience members' competency in using MI.

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