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Motivational Interviewing Training

Dr. Bethea-Walsh is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), an international organization of trainers in Motivational Interviewing (MI) started in 1997 by a small group of trainers trained by William R. Miller, Ph.D., and Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D. 

She has been training others in MI for 10 years. She completed MINT Training New Trainers workshop in Sheffield, England (2011). 

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She offers on-site MI training for organizations, and treatment program and protocol development consultation for treatment settings.  She tailors her services to training needs. 

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Below is a list of trainings with content that varies depending on training needs and time commitment.  Contact Dr. Bethea-Walsh to discuss which training might be best for your organization. 

Introductory Training

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 
The Searchlight for Motivation (1 hour to full-day):
This training aims to pique interest in learning more about MI.  Dr. Bethea-Walsh will expose the audience to MI with a review of key principles of MI and will offer a brief review MI methods.  The audience will receive a "taste" of an MI style.  The format includes didactic and experiential demonstrations of MI.  This training is not designed to teach the audience clinical skill using MI.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
The Searchlight for Motivation (2-3 days):
With 16-24 hours of training, it is possible for audience members to develop an understanding of the underlying spirit and key principles of MI and to engage in multiple practice exercises to develop knowledge about the basic use of MI methods.  Audience members can practice identifying MI methods in the trainers' real plays with audience members and in videotaped sessions. This training is not designed to develop audience members' competency in using MI.
Intermediate Training

Intermediate Motivational Interviewing
Relationship Enhancement Skills and Mining for Change Talk 
(1 to 3 days):
This training provides a brief overview of MI Spirit, key principles, and MI methods.  The presenter will introduce and discuss change and sustain talk. Didactic presentation, demonstration and transcript analysis are used to recognize and respond to the different levels of strength in change and sustain talk in a directive and strategic manner.  Multiple exercises will be conducted to teach participants how to roll with sustain talk and relationship discord, and to elicit and strengthen change talk.  Videotape analysis and will be used to facilitate learning. This training is not designed to develop audience members' competency in using MI.

Advanced Training

Advanced Motivational Interviewing
Continuing Down the Path (1 to 3 days):
This training uses small group exercises to support participants in refining intermediate-level skills (i.e., to recognize and respond to the different levels of strength in change talk in a directive and strategic manner). This training is also designed to support participants in practicing MI methods according to benchmarks for proficiency.  The training will expose participants to MI fidelity coding.  Participants will practice how to offer effective feedback to others about their use of MI methods using a MI "Spirit".  This training is not designed to develop audience members' competency in using MI.

MI Coaching, Coding & Supervision Training

Ongoing Coaching (as needed):
Research shows that ongoing coaching and supervision is the best method to facilitate competency in MI practice.  Distance or on-site coaching is provided to individuals and tailored to their training needs.  

Motivational Interviewing Coding (2-3 days):
This workshop is designed for individuals with extensive opportunities for coding practice.  Training focuses on how to measure MI fidelity using MI coding protocols used in research studies.  Training includes use of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity [MITI] Codebook version 4.1 (Moyers, Manuel, & Ernst, 2014).  Audience members will be trained to use the MITI to code audiotaped and transcribed sessions.  Another focus is to establish reliability in ratings among the coders. 
Motivational Interviewing Supervisor Training (2-3 days):
These workshops are designed to train individuals who are primarily responsible for ongoing on-site training and supervision of clinicians providing MI.  This training includes conduct Introductory and Intermediate coding workshops for supervisors to code audiotapes sessions using the MITI 4.1 and to establish reliability in ratings to shape their coding of other clinicians’ transcripts for MI fidelity at their respective sites.  Dr. Bethea will provide on-site and distance coaching for supervisors. Proficiency in MI and experience in the practice of MI are assumed.

Other Services: MI Evaluation and Process Measurement
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Treatment outcome evaluation
  • Measurement of client perceptions of MI
  • Supervisor assessment of clinicians' MI skill level
  • Clinician's assessment of MI skill level
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