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Workshop Testimonials

Introductory MI Workshop

"I really felt that this is the best, most valuable workshop I have ever attended. It was well-organized and had an excellent balance of material, interactions, group work, and video demonstrations.  I think the size of the group was really good and everyone seemed motivated to learn.  Angela is very knowledgeable and engaged easily with us."
J. W., Registered Nurse, Nashville, TN 
(Introductory MI Workshop)

"Dr. Bethea-Walsh was very knowledgeable with MI and explained concepts so that it was easy to understand. She was very approachable and nonjudgemental, and made me feel at ease and comfortable to ask and answer questions. I would go to another training taught by Dr. Bethea-Walsh. Thank you! :)"
H.H., Health Educator, Sault Sainte Marie, MI
(Introductory MI Workshop)

"Great speaker! Made attendees feel comfortable and free to answer and answer wrong and make mistakes and learn."
M.H., Health Educator, Sault Sainte Marie, MI
(Introductory MI Workshop)

Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop

“Loved it!  Worth traveling 12,000 miles for.”
A. M., General Practitioner & Educator, New South Wales, Australia 
(Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop)

"Class was small enough for great interaction by all participants. When I attend MI 1 (with another training company), there were 50+ participants and my needs were not met."
L.B., Licensed Professional Counselor, Atlanta, A
(Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop)

"Absolutely wonderful and insightful workshop. incredibly knowledgeable instructor!!! Thank you!!!"
L.S., Licensed Professional Counselor, Cullman, AL
(Intermediate/Advanced MI Workshop)

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