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Clinical Supervision

I really enjoy working with others in clinical supervision.  There is something exciting about supporting a licensed professional to cultivate his/her personal and professional growth!

As a clinical supervisor, I practice a Developmental Model of supervision.  I believe that therapists progress through a series of stages in clinical and personal development, which requires different roles and skills from me along the way.  In general, I elicit the supervisee's own knowledge and self-awareness as a therapist.  I support the supervisee to acquire additional knowledge and skills, and to refine his/her identity/approach as a therapist.  

I also use Motivational Interviewing (MI) supervision methods and an interpersonal approach to supervision.  I integrate MI methods to give information and feedback, explore motivation to learn, and to cultivate confidence using established methods or novel interventions.  I also work with supervisees to therapeutically use the parallel process of supervision and the "self" in therapy.

I believe that ALL therapy is cross-cultural, that is, all therapy is conducted within a cultural context.  Therefore, focus is given to awareness of self as cultural being and to how culture intersects to impact therapy relationship dynamics. Supervision also focuses on the integration of cultural issues into case conceptualization. 

For more information about my approach as a clinical supervisor, please contact me: (404) 654-3614. 
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